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Happy families

If you’re thinking of moving closer to friends or family, then you’re not alone. The majority of our customers choose new homes in locations which make it easier to visit family, help out with the grandchildren or just spend time with good friends. For you, this may mean staying in the same location and ‘right-sizing’ to a home that will be easy to manage, leaving you more time to spend with your loved ones, or it may mean moving to a new area. Below, some of our home buyers explain how they benefited by buying a Beechcroft home.

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Downsize without compromise

If you’re ready for an easier lifestyle but don’t want to compromise on space, style or specification, make the move to a Beechcroft home. You’ll soon discover our homes are designed to provide you with generously
proportioned living space, elegant bedrooms, an impressive kitchen and beautiful bathrooms.

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A ready-made community

For many of us, making friends in later life – and particularly after retirement – can prove challenging. When you move to a new Beechcroft development, you’ll put yourself at the heart of a community of like-minded people – and, if you enjoy being part of an active social circle, many of your neighbours will soon become good friends.

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Helping you make new friends

We know you value your independence, but with a community of like-minded neighbours, you’ll have convivial company on hand and the opportunity to forge firm and lasting friendships. This can be particularly valuable if you find yourself moving a long distance, as you'll be able to integrate yourself with your neighbours. Hear from three Beechcroft owners, who have found a blossoming friendship in their new homes below.

The great outdoors

With 40 years’ experience, we understand that, when you buy a new home, you look for quality of build, design and finish but outside space is just as important. You can be sure that when you buy an elegant Beechcroft home, the sun rooms, terraces, balconies and private gardens leading to the communal gardens beyond, will allow you to enjoy a sense of the outdoors all year round.

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Perfectly Placed 

Even if you’re still driving in later life, there’s nothing nicer – or more convenient – than having local shops, services and activities almost ‘on the doorstep.’ Beechcroft’s retirement communities are found in some of the South’s most attractive villages and market towns – with everything you need on hand. 

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Beautiful gardens

If you’re finding looking after your older family house and large garden is costly, timeconsuming and just downright exhausting, you’ll love living in a Beechcroft home that’s energyefficient and easy to maintain. With an Estate Manager to take care of private gardens and the beautifully-landscaped communal gardens, you’ll beable to sit back, relax and enjoy the outlook.

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Home & away

If you intend to spend some of your leisure time travelling – in the UK or abroad – moving to a Beechcroft retirement community means you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with having an Estate Manager on hand to keep a watchful eye on your home whilst you’re away.

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It's your move

If you haven’t moved home for years – and even if you have – moving can be daunting. Beechcroft offers a helping hand with ‘Manage Your Move’ and our team will guide you through the process from selling your current home to moving into your new one. 

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