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Save on your bills with Beechcroft

Beechcroft's retirement properties are designed to save you money on your monthly outgoings.

Recent research by property management experts has revealed a clear divide in the energy efficiency of newly-built properties, versus those constructed with older building techniques.

In fact, moving into a Beechcroft property with a 'B' EPC rating could save you up to 60% on your monthly energy bills when compared to a ‘D’ rated home. And as energy bills continue to rise, this figure is likely to become more and more important.

Beechcroft’s homes are built using energy-efficient materials and modern insulation, with meticulous care taken to ensure the design not only looks beautiful, but functions in an energy-saving manner, meaning you are likely to pay less on your energy bills each and every month.


Some of the energy saving technology used in new Beechcroft homes includes:

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Reduce your maintenance costs

Living in a new Beechcroft home, you won’t just save on your gas and electric bills, you’ll make other savings too.

The service charges you’ll pay at your new development cover the cost of the estate management, including the cleaning and maintenance of the communal areas and the upkeep of the landscaped setting.

However, these charges also cover many of the things you would have been paying for in your own home including the upkeep of your private garden, buildings insurance, external window cleaning, as well as cleaning and maintenance of guttering. All these savings add up, meaning you are likely to have more money left in your savings account each month.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that there is a ‘reserve fund’ at your development – an amount of money set aside for future works at the development.

How the savings stack up

We have estimated the annual savings you're likely to make by living in a Beechcroft retirement property, amounting to over £2,100 per year, even before you consider savings made because your home is more energy-efficient. And in addition to this, you'll benefit from peace of mind knowing that Beechcroft's team of professional Estate Managers will handle all the organisational work for you, so you needn't have to worry about maintaining the below any longer. 


Information based on average costs from checkatrade.com, nimblefins.co.uk, gardenpatch.co.uk and householdquotes.co.uk. Service charge costs vary by location.

* Information from checkatrade.com/blog/cost-guides/house-repair-cost

† Information from checkatrade.com/blog/cost-guides/house-maintenance-cost 

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