A girl in denim chasing a small dog holding a tennis ball in landscaped gardens.

Pets are welcome at Beechcroft

Looking for pet friendly retirement properties? Pets are welcome with us.

One of the most important questions our customers ask is whether they are able to bring their pets with them. The answer, of course, is yes – we understand that pets become members of the family and well-behaved pets are welcome at Beechcroft developments.

Most Beechcroft homes provide a terrace, balcony, private garden or a combination of these – which pet owners appreciate and our developments are located within easy reach of parks, green spaces and open countryside – so, as a dog owner you’ll have a good excuse to explore.

There are many benefits of owning pets in retirement:

  • Pets offer companionship, particularly for those who live alone

  • Research reveals that pet owners have significantly lower stress levels and better mental health – improving your mood and providing a source of interest – and amusement

  • Taking your dog for a daily walk ensures you keep fit, without having to spend hours at the gym

  • Pets are a great way to meet other people – either chatting about your pet or meeting other dog owners during your daily walks.On some developments, dog owners get together for walks


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