Beechcroft introduces its new ‘Healthihouse’ standard

Since the emergence of COVID-19, we have all spent much more time at home – and whilst this has been necessary to keep ourselves free of infection, it’s important to remember that our home environment also influences our health and well-being. Having a home that promotes good hygiene can make a difference to our lives – and not just during a pandemic.

With this in mind, over the last few months, the Beechcroft team has been working on designs for a new ‘Healthihouse’ – that is, a home designed, built, and finished in such a way to create living spaces conducive to maintaining good health.

In the future Beechcroft houses and apartments, both new and converted will be designed to rigorous standards in order to qualify for our ‘Healthihouse’ branding.  

Each Healthihouse will feature light switches and door handles with antimicrobial properties, worksurfaces will be non-porous and have antimicrobial protection to reduce the growth and spread of bacteria. 

Bathrooms and en-suites will be fitted with wall panelling that is hygienic and easy to clean whilst sanitaryware will incorporate technology designed to suppress bacterial growth. In addition, each home will have a water filtration system and a whole house ventilation system designed to provide filtered air throughout. Before the new homeowners move in, houses and apartments will be deep cleaned to World Health Organisation standards.

“During recent months, Beechcroft homeowners and their families have come to appreciate the benefits that our retirement communities and Special Projects’ developments provide,” comments Angela South, Beechcroft’s Sales and Marketing Director. 

What people say...

“They have provided support and advice, where necessary and played an important role in helping homeowners keep in touch with their neighbours”

“Our developments also feature attractive landscaped settings:, safe spaces to enjoy some fresh air and ideal for socially-distanced meetings between neighbours. We wanted to do more – and the creation of our ‘Healthihouse’ specification was the next step.”

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