An apartment that ‘ticks all the boxes’ for Jenny at Hampton Manor

We all have different criteria when choosing a new home. When Jenny Simmons decided to downsize from her large home in Oxford, in addition to usual priorities such as space, light and location, she was searching for a home that offered single storey living, without stairs and with parking close to her front door. Jenny also wanted her new home to have a back door – which most apartments don’t provide. As Jenny explains, she had to look beyond Oxford to find a home that she liked.

“I had been looking to move in Oxford but simply couldn’t find anything suitable. Then I noticed a development built by Beechcroft which I liked so I looked at the developments on Beechcroft’s website and noticed Hampton Manor.

It happened to be a quarter of a mile from where my son and his family live. Although I hadn’t intended moving so close to them, it’s quite handy in many ways. I came to view the apartments and fell for the one I bought, exchanging contracts, completing the sale and moving home on the same day.”

An external photo of Hampton Manor, Godalming

Set within landscaped, fully maintained communal grounds and with views over wooded countryside, Hampton Manor is the result of Beechcroft’s careful restoration and conversion of an elegant period house which, over the years has hosted Canadian officers, medical students and trainee nurses, conference delegates and hotel guests. Today, it houses a collection of 24 generously proportioned, two and three-bedroom apartments – of which, only one remains available.

“I particularly love the spaciousness of my new apartment – and the wide corridors which make such a difference,” continues Jenny. “I had viewed developments in Oxford with corridors that were really narrow but space is so important. Because my apartment is spacious, there’s so much light. I go into my sitting room every morning and I can see the sky, the trees and the grass – it’s simply lovely. Most of us living at Hampton Manor have moved from larger properties and we’re used to having utility rooms – and, of course, I have one here and I have a back door as well as a front door. I brought my cat with me – and she has settled in really easily.”

“In my previous home, I had gardening to do and fences to fix but, living here, I can potter in my garden if I want to but I don’t have to do anything – everything is looked after. I can’t speak highly enough of the estate manager – he’s wonderful. I have been here a year and the estate management service has been really useful. If you have a problem, you speak to the manager and he solves it.”

“The people here have been so friendly but we respect other people’s privacy. You’re able to stay in the apartment and have a day off from everything or you can walk round the premises and soon find someone to chat to. You never need to be on your own if you don’t want to be.” 

“Living in a house means you might not see anyone for days. Living in my former home, I kept imagining what would happen if I fell down the stairs – who would find me? I didn’t want stairs in my new home.”

“I’ve met so many people. I have joined a bridge club, an arts society, the rotary club and the museum. My son and daughter-in-law are introducing me to more people – they are really good like that. I enjoy being near my grandchildren who are 5, 8 and 10 – it’s a straight walk from their house and they love it here. I have two older granddaughters in Oxford and I go over to see them and we have lunch and go shopping. I enjoy that and so do they. I consider myself very lucky really.”

Hampton Manor

Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2AS

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