Save up to 60% on your energy bills with a new Beechcroft home

Did you know you may be able to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills with an efficient retirement property? Find out how Beechcroft develops stylish and efficient homes.

Research by the Home Builders Federation* reveals a stark contrast between the energy efficiency of newly built and older, existing properties with a newly built home costing up to 60% less in energy costs.

There is no doubt that new build homes are far more energy efficient than older properties. The older the property is, the greater the difference simply because of the building materials used.

Beechcroft designs homes to be energy efficient and each element of the design and specification increases the energy-saving.


These findings are backed by recent data from Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) that show 85% of new homes have the highest A or B energy ratings.

EPCs are a legal requirement for the sale of a property, providing information on the home’s energy efficiency band, rated from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient. The EPC provides an indication of how costly it will be to heat and light the property and the likely level of carbon-dioxide emissions.

There is no doubt that new build homes are far more energy efficient than older properties and the difference is greater, the older the property is simply because of the building materials used, the insulation and the type of heating systems.

Based on the EPC ratings, the efficiency score for homes in England constructed before 1900 had a median score of just 59 – Band E (for all records up to March 2022). For homes built after 2012, however, the median efficiency score was 83, equivalent to a Band B. Since 2012, further improvements in technology are leading to even greater efficiency.

Beechcroft design homes with energy efficiency at the forefront from the outset and each element of the design and specification increases the energy-saving.

*Information taken from and

A photo of a dining hall with LED lighting.

Downsize and save up to 60% on your heating bills

A new, energy-efficient Beechcroft home could be up to 60% less expensive in terms of energy bills than an older property.

A modern bedroom, with a large bed and lighting.

Insulation that's up to six times more energy efficient

Newly built Beechcroft homes include cavity wall insulation and modern insulation materials that are up to six times more efficient than those used during and before the 1960s.

A ceiling ventilation system.

Healthy ventilation systems with up to 50% energy savings

Beechcroft’s whole house ventilation system can reduce the amount of heat required to warm the home by up to 50% - and create a healthier living environment.

A kitchen with a utility room attached.

New, energy-efficient boilers with up to 30% energy savings

Beechcroft's new A-rated boilers are 90% efficient as compared to older, G-rated boilers which are only 65% efficient.  You’ll save money and improve the carbon-footprint of your home.

A sun room with cosy wicker chairs.

New, double-glazed windows reducing heat-loss by 50%

Beechcroft's modern double-glazed windows allow sunlight in, whilst preventing heat loss, reducing energy usage and saving you money.

A modern, well lit kitchen.

New, energy-efficient appliances - saving energy and reducing bills

Beechcroft's energy-efficient appliances, by top name manufacturers like Bosch, require less energy, saving energy and lowering your energy bills.

A Beechcroft shuttle bus.

Leave the car at home and save on fuel

Beechcroft’s developments are perfectly placed for local shops, services and public transport links - and residents’ shuttle bus services make it easy to leave the car at home, making significant savings on fuel.

A modern dining space, with large windows.

LED lighting saving up to £35 a year

Beechcroft homes feature the latest lighting – and our light bulbs, and particularly LED lighting is more efficient than halogen bulbs, saving at least £35 a year.

A well concealed heating system outside a house.

Heating systems that are three times more energy efficient

Beechcroft’s air source heat pumps are more energy efficient than traditional heating methods, even more so when used with underfloor heating.

A wide room inside a house with a bathroom.

A warm, new, draught-free home that will cost less to heat

Beechcroft’s tightly fitted, well-sealed doors, prevent draughts and heat loss, leaving you cosy, warm and better off, financially.

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