20 Things To Do In Lockdown

Did your heart sink when the latest lockdown announcement was made? The entire country is in lockdown for the third time. In the first lockdown, we were blessed with beautiful weather but winter means staying indoors. With this in mind, we have put together a list of 20 fun things to do in lockdown.

1) Bake banana bread

Why not bake banana bread or another sweet treat – and indulge in a little comfort eating? You’ll find the top 10 best banana bread recipes on the BBC Good Food site. You can choose from classic banana bread, a healthy option, a brazil nut banana bread and vegan banana bread.

Banana bread

2) Try an online exercise class

You’ll feel so much better and you don’t have to leave your own home – just make sure you have a clear space. There’s so much to choose from so why not try something different? If you’re a fan of ‘Strictly,’ you might like a SOSA dance-fitness class with easy-to-learn, low impact routines based on ballroom, Latin and a whole range of other dance styles. Take a look at the list of the 10 best fitness classes to live stream during lockdown.

Two women doing yoga

3) Learn a new language

Learning a language is a great way to improve brain health. There are some great online courses ranging from beginners’ courses to conversational courses and those designed to help you achieve fluency. Duolingo is free and takes a game-like approach to learning. Choose your language, create a profile and launch the beginner’s course or take a test to move into more advanced lessons. www.duolingo.com. Free courses are also available on Open Culture – www.openculture.com: choose from 48 language options with free mp3 downloads you can load and listen to later.

A selection of language books

4) Plan your next holiday

Pick a place for your next holiday and research it really well. You’ll have time during the lockdown extension to read hotel reviews and research Airbnb apartments as well as finding unusual things to see and do on your holiday. At www.theculturetrip.com you’ll find some great ideas such as ‘The 10 Best-Kept Secrets in Venice, Italy’ or ‘The Insider Guide to Paris.’

A car on a freeway overlooking a beach in the sunshine

5) Bring the Theatre into your front room

Theatres and concert halls may not be open but you don’t have to miss out on music and drama whilst you’re in lockdown. Bring Shakespeare into your living room with Shakespeare’s Globe Player or sit back and enjoy the world’s finest theatre productions with Digital Theatre. Subscribing to Digital Theatre gives you unlimited access to over 100 productions from world-class companies.

A red theatre curtain

6) Cocktail making class

Get together online with friends and take part in a cocktail making masterclass. There are several virtual cocktail masterclasses available – at www.onlinecocktailmaking.com, there’s a 45-minute class during which you make 3 amazing cocktails. The cost is £38.50 per person plus delivery and this includes all the ingredients– all you need to supply is a shaker, ice and fresh fruit. Another company – Virtual Cocktail Masterclass – www.thecocktailservice.co.uk – has different packages available including one where you supply the ingredients thus keeping costs down. A less expensive alternative is to create your own masterclass; there are plenty of recipes available online and you and your friends can take turns host – just make sure you send out the ingredients list in good time.

A blackberry and orange cocktail with ice

7) Organise a murder mystery evening

Organise a murder mystery evening – it’s great fun and everyone can dress up. There are plenty of murder mystery games online available to download. You can choose from themes and there are 30-minute mysteries to try.

A murder mystery game

8) Bored of quizzes? Why not play charades?

If you’re in lockdown with family, you can play online - www.psycatgames.com gives you a word and a time limit to act it out. If you’re joining friends online, get each to write down three or four ideas for a book, a play, film or a television programme and then act out the title.

A sleeping black pug

9) Learn a new skill

If you’ve never been a ‘knitter,’ lockdown could be the perfect time to learn. There are a number of online knitting classes which will teach you basic techniques to turn your wool into lovely objects and accessories.

Wool and knitting needles

10) Write a short story or even a novel

Release your creativity by writing a short story or even a novel. The opening of any story can be the most difficult part so one way to get started is to take the first line of a classic novel and develop your own story – then go back and change the first line or leave it in place, quoting the source.

When you’ve started writing, look for a creative writing group where you’ll meet other would-be writers and receive support and help.

A woman writing in a book.

11) Join a book club

Join a book club or perhaps start your own. Decide whether the main purpose is reading or socialising and decide what type of books you want to read – classics, best sellers, romance or general fiction. Decide when you want to meet – and schedule your meetings online (try Skype, zoom or teams, sending all joining information, time and dates to your friends) a meeting once a month is usual. Find out how to get started.

A coffee next to an open novel.

12) Experience a gallery or museum

Experience a gallery or museum. The British Museum is home to incredible artefacts from around the world and is open to virtual visitors or you can drop into Tate Britain and view your favourite pieces online. Google’s arts and culture collection has virtual tours of 500 top attractions around the world, including national galleries and even the Eiffel Tower.

A young woman looking at a painting in an art gallery

13) Declutter your home

Declutter your home – being locked down at home tends to make us a bit dissatisfied with our living spaces. Take a look at the article on decluttering in our Beechcroft journal – start small with one cupboard, one area or one room. Give yourself a time limit – you may find that decluttering your space helps clear your mind and even aids better sleep patterns.

A luxury, clean living room.

14) Find a new home!

On our website, you’ll find a wealth of photographs of our developments, information on local areas and video tours of our show homes. Our sales teams are still working and are on hand to chat on the telephone, online or in-person, by appointment only. It is possible to move home in lockdown – and, indeed, many of our homebuyers have already done so.

Orford Place, Ham Common by Beechcroft Developments.

15) Discover your family history

Discover your family history. Tracing your family history can unearth some interesting facts and reveal the truth about family myths. There are plenty of websites that help you negotiate your journey into the past with census records such as Ancestry.co.uk who offer you a free 14-day trial to get started.

A group of soldiers.

16) Bake-off

If you’re a fan of Bake Off you can join a bake-at-home class. The Big Bakes is organising three bake-at-home classes a week via their Facebook or Instagram and if you submit your culinary creations, you could win a free trip to a live class later in the year.

A carrot cake

17) Create your own wine cellar

Create your own wine cellar. Find a suitable space such as a cellar or garage with no light and a temperature of between 12 and 15 centigrade or – if you have a wine fridge – it should have a sunproof glass door. Do some research and find wines that need to age and bottles that are ready to drink – choose from regions you love and buy wines to match the seasons. Many wine merchants do national delivery and are happy to recommend wines for you to try. By the time the extended lockdown ends, you’ll have a nice collection to share with your friends.

A wine cellar

18) Design your own jewellery

Design your own jewellery – it’s very rewarding and you can make gifts for friends and relatives. Look on Amazon for jewellery making kits or try one of the many websites offering design your own jewellery services.

Handmade jewellery

19) Enjoy a spa experience at home

Enjoy a spa experience at home during lockdown. Choose your essential oils – look at our guide in the Beechcroft journal, buy a face mask to suit your skin type along with a foot mask, cotton wool pads and an aromatic candle. Apply your facemask, put cool cotton pads over your eyes and relax into a fragrant candlelit lockdown bath. Afterwards, put a towel on a footstool or sofa, slip your feet into the foot mask ‘slippers’ and put your feet up for half an hour.

A book and a cup of tea in the bath.

20) Join the University of the Third Age

Join The University of the Third Age which will help keep you connected during the lockdown and will give you something to look forward to once the lockdown extension is over. There are online events for members with the National Gallery, Guildhall Art Gallery and the British Library as well as workshops, webinars and interactive sessions. The website has ‘how-to’ guides for those not used to joining online events through zoom.

An elderly gentleman on an tablet.

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