Mr and Mrs Walker

"At the launch of The Farthings, we viewed the three-bedroom show home and, selected a two-bedroom apartment. We don't need much space for friends and family because the guest suite is beautiful so we will be able to book that for our visitors. It will be lovely when my daughter comes to stay as she'll be able to enjoy a bit of luxury."

Mr and Mrs Reid

Our younger son and his family live about 10 miles away and they wanted us to be nearer to them. Now we're closer we get to see the children and grandchildren more often and I am able to help with babysitting.

Mrs Campetti

I liked the feeling of the show apartment and the gardens are lovely; we wanted to be by the river. We are downsing from a larger house and I don't want to garden any more. I am very happy to live in an apartment, particularly one that is set in beautiful surroundings and is of a good size. I like Old Isleworth and this area offers excellent value for money, better value than Richmond which is within walking distance along the river. We know the area and have friends locally and are sure that there will be an excellent sense of community at Fitzroy Gate.

Mrs Johnson

We were amazed by the Beechcroft apartment because the rooms were large and beautifully proportioned. In our former house, I wasn't able to have all the family round at once because there simply wasn't enough room - but I will be able to do so in my new home. The family all get on so well and it's a joy when we can all get together.

Mr and Mrs Peatfield

"At this stage of our lives we feel certain that we have made the right decision to make 'The Farthings' our home for many years to come. Here we are close to open countryside and the many beautiful attractions Surrey has to offer. We love playing golf and there is a variety of golf courses close by. At the same time Leatherhead town centre is a short walk away. Transport links are excellent and a shuttle bus will be available should we require it."

Bob Warans

I went to the launch of the development and viewed the Beechcroft show flat - and fell in love immediately. The interior design is the best I have seen - so stylish. When I wake up in the new home I've just bought, I'll open my eyes to beautifully high ceilings and cornicing - and the underfloor heating will be a bonus. And, of course, there are views across the lawns to the river. Where I live at the moment, I don't see many people as most of my neighbours spend time in other parts of the country and I feel a bit isolated so I'm looking forward to owning a home on a private, gated development with a good sense of community.

Mr and Mrs Ballinger

We often thought that when we downsized, we'd want to be near all the amenities in town. Berkhamsted has a good range of shops and restaurants, we love the cinema and there's always a lot going on. At some time, in the future, we may not want to depend on a car, so we have bought a home near the centre of town with the station and everything on hand.

Mr and Mrs Jenkins

When we visited Maygate Place, we loved the show home... it's so unusual to find such a spacious retirement property and to have three bedrooms was a bonus. We could see that our furniture would fit in - and we know, and like, the area. The estate management service will prove useful and we have some nice neighbours - we have already been invited in for drinks and nibbles so there will be a good sense of community.

Mrs Wood

We have a very good community here - there are coffee mornings where you can meet people. Everybody speaks to you when you're going out - and if you want to have a longer chat, you can. I am able to walk into town from here and when I see the gardener working outside, I think 'thank goodness I haven't got to do that!" I now know a lot of people here - and it has been a good move fore me.

Mr and Mrs Hearnshaw

We are attracted by the 'lock up and leave' lifestyle - we enjoy travelling to Spain and the Canaries - as well as within the UK. At the moment we travel for about 12 weeks a year but now we'll be able to spend more time away, especially as there is an Estate Manager to keep an eye on things whilst we are away. It is certainly comforting to know that an onsite Estate Manager will be permanently employed in case we need anything.

Mr Chesher

After renting here, we now own a home at Buchanan House, Penhurst Gardens - and it's a lovely place to live. We have an attractive outlook, facing away from the road and overlooking the church and some beautiful trees. We really appreciate the peace and quiet and this is such a nice position, with the bustling market town at one end of the road and the Cotswold countryside on the other.

Mr and Mrs Ivey

As soon as we walked in, we knew the apartment was the right one for us. We were very impressed with the finish. My husband has done building work himself and renovated a couple of house - and can really recognise quality. Everything at Cumber Place has been done so well. One of the nice things about our new home is that the two bedrooms are both proper double bedrooms...the whole development is lovely.

Vickie Clarkson

When we started to look for a new home what appealed - on paper - was a house with a balcony or outdoor space - perhaps a garden and a garage. What we ended up choosing was absolutely nothing like that - but, from the start, I loved the fact that Fitzroy Gate is on the river and is set in beautiful grounds. Every window in our apartment has beautiful views.

Beechcroft retirement developments

Beechcroft is a leading UK retirement developer building outstanding homes for the over 55s in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Middlesex, Gloucester and Kent. Beechcroft’s retirement houses and apartments offer award-winning landscaped settings and estate management services, access to shops and services and a community of like-minded people.

This is independent retirement living at its best - perfect retirement properties for the over 55’s to live in or lock up and leave.

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