Retirement FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to pay a service charge?

Yes. When you reserve, you will be provided with an estimate of the service charges for the development. The service charges cover cleaning and maintenance of the communal areas, external window cleaning, gardening of both private and communal grounds, buildings insurance and the costs of the estate manager. There is a 'sinking fund' on each development with money being set on one side for future repairs and redecorations. Individual developments may have slightly different services — for example, some developments include lifts, which will be subject to a maintenance charge. Please ask your sales team if you need clarification of any charges. The service charges are subject to increase as the costs of various elements may increase over the years.


Why are Beechcroft properties leasehold?

Beechcroft properties are sold with the benefit of a 999 year lease. The reason for the properties to be leasehold is to protect the quality of the development for years to come. Leasehold means that there are certain covenants to ensure the aesthetics of the landscaping and communal spaces are kept consistently of a high level. Our buyers are also given the option to buy the freehold.


If I want to sell my Beechcroft home is there a re-sale fee to pay to Beechcroft?

No. Beechcroft homes may be sold on the open market without resale fees just like any other property. The new buyers, however, will need to be over 55 on a retirement scheme or sign the covenant restricting full time residency to over 16s on a Special Projects' site. You will need to pay the usual estate agency fees.


Who can buy a Beechcroft property?

Beechcroft's retirement properties are available to over 55s. Anyone can buy a Beechcroft property, however the person occupying must be over 55. Special Projects have a covenant preventing under 16s from living there full-time.
Occasionally, Beechcroft completes 'open market' properties available with no restrictions in who occupies.


Can my family buy a Beechcroft home for me?

Yes, of course. As long as you are over the age of 55 on a retirement development.


My spouse is over 55 but I am under 55, can we live in a Beechcroft home?

Yes, as long as the main buyer is over the age of 55.


Am I allowed to rent out my Beechcroft retirement property?

Yes, as long as it is rented out to people over the age of 55.


Are my friends and family allowed to stay with me?

Yes. Your apartment or house is your own and there is no problem having guests. Some developments also provide a guest suite for visitors, which may be booked through the Estate Manager.


Are pets allowed?

Yes, as long as they do not cause a nuisance to other residents. You will need to get permission from the management company but this is not a problem. Dogs need to be kept on leads within the development.


Is there an emergency alarm call system if I need help?

All new homes come provided with an option of an emergency call pendant.


Is parking provided?

All sites provide either parking or garaging and some have both. When you reserve, your sales consultant will provide you with full details.


What are the Estate Manager's duties?

The Estate Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the development, including organising the maintenance and cleaning of the communal areas and gardening of both private and communal grounds. He is also on hand to keep an eye on properties whilst owners are away and to offer help and advice if needed.


Am I allowed to help with the gardening?

Yes, your gardening experience is appreciated — but we ask that the original planting schedule is not compromised. Our garden designer plants both communal and private gardens in such a way that the gardens provide texture, scent and year-round interest.


Do I need to pay insurance?

Buildings insurance is included in your service charges but you will need to organise and pay for your own contents insurance.


Do I need to pay council tax?

Yes, you will need to pay your own council tax.


Will I need to pay ground rent?

Yes, there is an annual ground rent because Beechcroft properties are sold on a leasehold basis which enables Beechcroft to provide a variety of services. Please speak to the sales team to clarify the amount of ground rent payable.
The ground rent is not linked to RPI but is doubled every 20 years up to 100 years.


Who manages my development?

ELM Group, a leading leasehold estate management company has over 44 years' experience in the retirement sector. Based in Aldershot, Hampshire ELM Group operates throughout the South of England, London and the Home Counties.