Environmental Policy

  • Beechcroft focuses on creating developments with attractive landscapes which frequently incorporate green space and natural habitats.  Wildlife is protected and even reintroduced to developments.  At The Clock House, Byfleet, for example, Beechcroft has restored an ancient pond which, after many years of neglect, has become an important wetland habitat.
  • Each Beechcroft development complies with current energy efficiency practice and policy on carbon emissions. Beechcroft also focuses on the use of high quality materials, particularly in terms of external elevations and is constantly sourcing materials and components manufactured in the UK.
  • Beechcroft is committed to building homes that meet Level 3 requirements in respect of The Code For Sustainable Homes which provides a comprehensive measure of the sustainability of new homes.  Homes meeting Level 3 standards are at least 25% more energy efficient than those built to 2006 Building Regulations standards.  This is achieved by a variety of means including improving the thermal efficiency of walls, windows and roofs, reducing air permeability, reducing water usage and adding thermal panels and heat exchange units to properties.